Ohio Winery Access Stairs – Custom Fit, Custom Look

An Ohio winery was looking to gain access to their equipment in a safer and more efficient way. They also wanted to keep the clean and appealing aesthetic of their winery, so whatever equipment they needed had to meet the standards of their facilities. Specifically, they needed to access the tops of stainless steel tanks and in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the solution had to be corrosion resistant, cost-efficient and fit exactly into the desired space. The winery called on ErectaStep to help come up with a solution for their challenge.

After initially reviewing the architectural drawings and having an on-site visit, ErectaStep understood their customer’s unique situation and was able to provide a solution that met the customer’s needs. The customer loved the clean look of stainless steel, but that would put them over their budget.

ErectaStep came up with a solution that looked aesthetically similar to the stainless steel look, reduced the overall footprint of the platforms and reduced the cost to better align with their budget, all while providing a complete solution to fit their needs.

The all natural aluminum stair look hit the mark and ErectaStep was able to align with the existing tank and room layout, which completely wowed the customer. They loved what ErectaStep team came up with and were pleased that we were able to meet all their needs, including budget!

Now the winery has a convenient and safe way of accessing their tanks while having a system that takes up less space, has a tighter fit to the tanks, and provides cost savings over the original design.   Not to mention, the all-aluminum platforms look handsome next to the stainless steel tanks! Overall, it was a seamless and efficient process from start to finish, leaving both ErectaStep and the winery happy!