Rooftop Crossover Access – 5 Step Metal Stair Crossover

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Rooftop Access – 5 Step Metal Stair Crossover

Erectastep 5 stair crossover. OSHA compliant rooftop maintenance access to get workers safely over rooftop wall. There are multiple risks to rooftop workers that don’t involve falling over the edge. Air ducts, pipes, skylights, interior parapets, and other obstacles are hazards to employees. Letting workers navigate these obstacles without a safe working platform puts them at risk for serious injury. For obstructed rooftops, crossover platforms provide a safe access solution. Crossover platforms also ideal for navigating varying roof elevations and traversing roof gaps.

OSHA Compliant Essential Rooftop Safety
Crossovers provide essential safety features for rooftop work environments including:

Safe Access Over Hazards
Rooftop Crossovers can be easily configured to allow safe access over any obstacle that obstructs their path such as pipe lines and roof air ducts.

Safely Change Elevations
Rooftops frequently have elevation changes that present hazards. Crossover platforms provide a safe a pathway for workers to access all areas of the rooftop when there are variations in roof elevation.

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