Barrier Gates Installed in a Petroleum Facility

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YellowGate XL boom gates and barrier gates installed in a large petroleum facility in Louisiana.

It was easy to install multiple boom gates at this facility. YellowGate Adjustable XL barrier gates go where you need them and at any length up to 12 feet.

Any area that needs reliable vehicle traffic control, or fall protection, Yellowgate boom or barrier gates install with ease.

How Easy?

YellowGate XL Adjustable Barrier Gates require just four bolts to fix it securely to a deck or a mezzanine platform. That’s it.

No Springs!

Most boom and barrier gates have large springs. YellowGate XL Adjustable boom or barrier gates has the Malbec Tensioner system that makes every raise or lowering of the gate a smooth, quiet event.

1) There are no springs. The Patent Pending Malbec Tensioner does not weaken with time like a spring will.

2) Every movement is smooth, soft, and comfortable due to lightweight industrial grade aluminum. The drop gate can be raised and lowered with one hand.

3) What you get looks good for years.

4) The Yellowgate Adjustable boom gate offers state of the art fall and traffic control.

5) The Yellowgate Adjustable boom/barrier is engineered and manufactured in the USA using quality, OSHA compliant components that withstand the ravages of time, misuse, and outdoor elements.

6) The ANSII yellow stays a vibrant yellow due to a powder coat finish that surpasses the capabilities of just a simple paint job.

7) Only one SKU.

The advantages are easy to understand.

1) The superior quality of the Yellowgate components adds up to a boom or gate that is state of the art.
2) The Yellowgate is adjustable up to twelve feet.
3) The ease of installation of a Yellowgate XL is a clear advantage over other gates.
4) The small footprint of a gate that raises and lowers instead of one that requires a lot of space to swing open is a definite advantage.
5) No Springs. The smooth Yellowgate mechanism is reliable and
Good Looks that last for years.

6) OSHA Compliance.

Whether you need to control vehicle traffic, movement on a shop floor or loading, unloading activities on a mezzanine or loading dock the YellowGate XL is the solution to put in place. There is no shortcut in quality, or good looks and the safety advantages built-in for your company are state of the art. Choosing a YellowGate XL offers peace of mind due to superior safety features, quality components, and good looks.

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