Safety Guards on a Work Platform

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Safety Guards on a work platform keep your workers safe in a food processing plant.

ErectaStep was once again the ideal solution when a Food Processing plant needed work platforms with safety guards. The solid aluminum work platforms had to meet the stringent sterile environmental conditions that food processors require.

-The platforms had to maintain a high level of safety requirements for workers.
– The platforms needed to be free of rust, paint and powder-coated surfaces.
– Each working platform needed to withstand daily sterilization with solvents, and water.

ErectaStep understands the special needs of food processing companies that need the best metal work platforms.

Why Metal?

The industrial-grade aluminum components that ErectaStep uses in all their work platform systems are perfect for the food industry. The solid aluminum does not rust and it can be scrubbed, sanitized with solvents, and washed with water after each product cycle. Our staired work platforms handle the daily production cycle and still look great at the end of the day.

We at ErectaStep know that every food processing plant has a lot of production and packaging lines that require the safest environment for your workforce. ErectaStep platform systems have state of the art fall control built onto the platforms and stairways. The washable aluminum stairs and platforms have built-in non-slip surfaces that practically grip a worker’s shoe. The guardrails and handrails are secured to the platform with bolts that hold the rails firmly in place. Your workers have the room they need to get the job done.

If you are considering work platform systems for a production line here are a few things that you should consider.

1. Always consider the safety of workers that will be working around complex machines that apply heat to substances, grind, chop, and shred. In food manufacturing facilities these processes are done on a large scale. It is imperative to offer workers high-level fall protection.
2. Always consider adaptability. The machinery used in food processing facilities is shaped in many different ways. You should only consider platform systems that can conform to the shape of your machinery. ErectaStep platforms can be formed around vats, grinders and other processing equipment creating a safer more comfortable work environment. A one size fits all platform is not the best solution.
3. Choose a food processing platform that will not interfere with normal production schedules. Most of our systems can be assembled in less than a day or even overnight. Assembly, in most cases, can be done with two workers.
4. Choose a platform system that does not oxidize, or corrode. Each platform has to be cleaned after each production cycle. Platforms need to withstand water and solvents.

ErectaStep offers an immediate solution for many of the areas in a plant that need a work platform. ErectaStep keeps your workers safe and helps you to maintain an orderly, clean work environment.

Calling ErectaStep today gets your company on the right track toward keeping a food processing plant safe, and clean. ErectaStep has been creating platform solutions for the food industry for over 20 years. Getting a work platform installed is easy. Call ErectaStep today!

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