Crossover Bridges For Fuel Depots

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A set of modern crossover bridges for fuel depots allows you to access flow control valves at fuel tank farms safely.

Fuel tank farms have many ground-level pipes. Take a trip to any Fuel Depot or Tank Farm that has above-ground storage tanks and see all the fuel flow pipes that run horizontal to the ground.

Getting around, and over, all those pipes to perform maintenance tasks or to access shutoff and flow direction valves can be hard to do.

Many manual shutoffs and directional flow valves may have to be accessed rapidly. Therefore, keeping the routes to these critical areas, clear and safe, is very important. Workers must get safely over horizontal pipes and sometimes in a hurry.

ErectaStep crossover stairs or manways are a versatile, easy to install, solution to keep a route to a manual valve clear and easy to access.

If you have outdated metal walkway crossover stairs that need replacing, or you need to install a new set of tank manway outdoor stairs, call ErectaStep. We can help you plan the perfect system of prefabricated stairs that will fit any height of obstacle your crew needs to get over.

The next time you inspect your existing fuel depot crossover stairs, apply these criteria

-Look for rust and other dangerous corrosion, on welded areas and other connection points.
– Is the safety warning yellow paint on the stair systems handrails and guardrails still bright? -Are the prefabricated stairs or rails chipped, damaged and possibly harmful to hands and feet?
– Is access to the safety guard railing on the crossover restricted by a chain gate? If so, a more protective and modern safety gate can be added to a crossover system easily.
– Are installed handrails and guardrails solidly in place or do they move and pull back when you use them?
– Is any part of the stairway landing platform, grated stairs or diamond plate tread bent, punctured or sagged due to misuse?

These are just a couple of items you should inspect for regularly.

Is it time to replace an outdated crossover system? Are ready to install a new unit, of safety stair treads, and outdoor stairs?

ErectaStep has the industrial-strength stair solution that can be installed in a minimal amount of time.

Each ErectaStep system is instantly ready to work for your company. Each component of an ErectaStep crossover stair system, from the non-slip stairs, to the solid metal guardrails and handrails, will serve your company and remain good looking for many years.

Crossover systems can be shipped today! Call ErectaStep and keep your fuel depot in compliance.

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