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Aviation Maintenance Platforms – Airline Maintenance Company Says Goodbye to Building In-House Scaffolding

Aviation Maintenance Platforms – Project Profile

An airline company’s main responsibility and concern is the safety of its passengers. An industry such as this requires frequent maintenance checks, as well as, repairs. This specific company has been building all scaffolding in-house and has spent countless hours making adjustments to the scaffolding when the height of the planes being worked on changed. That said, the company needed a more permanent platform to replace the scaffolding for their aviation maintenance platforms because it was significantly impacting efficiencies with the time it took to build, setup and adjust for maintenance platform for each aircraft.

The company was familiar with SafeRack’s ErectaStep & AeroStep product in the Boeing facilities and was impressed with how the mobile adjustable solution increased quality, safety, and operator productivity.

SafeRack met with the company and put together a part custom and part modular solution to fit their needs. The AeroStep team pitched a solution of commercial aviation ground support platforms that adjust in height pneumatically allowing the operators to access different sections of the plane and the various sizes. These easy to maneuver platforms provided employees with a safe way to access aircraft and adjust the height within no time at all. The airline company decided to test 4 stands at one of their locations in Kansas City. The platforms were delivered and SafeRack is currently working on the front and back cargo doors of the planes. SafeRack proposed a solution that they wanted, saved countless hours, and most importantly that worked!

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